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Symphony X & Power Quest - Scala, London - 22/02/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Symphony X & Power Quest - Scala, London - 22/02/2011



Tonight is a good night for fans of power metal with two good power metal bands playing together. Tonights show is nowhere near sold out, which even allowing for the fact that its mid-week is still slightly disappointing. Despite this there is still a decent sized crowd for both bands on tonights bill. For me, tonight is my first time seeing either band so I'm looking forwards to a good night.

First up tonight is UK band Power Quest. The band was founded by ex-Dragonforce keyboard player Steve Williams, and has been through several lineup changes. The current lineup has Steve Williams as the only original member remaining. I've
heard guitarist Gav Owen play before when he was in Triaxis, so am expecting some quality guitar work tonight and I'm not disappointed - he and fellow guitarist Andy Midgley work superbly well together and are clearly loving every minute of
tonights show. Singer Chitral Somopala (Chity) is a great frontman, moving around the stage and interacting well with the crowd. Paul Smith on the drums is quite close to the front of the stage due to having to set up in front of Symphony X's equipment, so its a rare opportunity for fans and photographers to get a good view of the drummer during a show as they're usually hidden at the back of the stage. Paul Finnie on bass puts in a good solid performance.
The band were due to perform 7 songs tonight but by rushing through a bit they were able to add an extra song in at the end of the set - the excellent "Better days" which goes down really well with the crowd and is a great way to end their set.

Next up is tonights main attraction - Symphony X. Tonight the fans are treated to several songs - "Dehumanized", "The end of innocence" and "Prometheus (I am alive)" from the bands forthcoming album, "Iconoclast", with Prometheus being played live for the very first time tonight. The new songs sound slightly heavier than the other material, so it will be interesting to hear how they sound on the album. Russell Allen is a good frontman who knows how to work a crowd and like the rest of the band tonight he is definitely on form. A good set, but it did seem disappointingly short.

Symphony X photos:
Power Quest photos:

Symphony X setlist:

Of sins and shadows
Serpents kiss
The end of innocence
Paradise lost
Inferno (unleash the fire)
Smoke and mirrors
Prometheus (I am alive)
Evolution (The grand design)
Set the world on fire (The lie of lies)

Eve of seduction
Sea of lies

Power Quest setlist:

Battle stations
Rising anew
Human machine
Crunching the numbers
Another world
Wings of forever
Better days

Writer: Anthony May
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