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KT Tunstall & Pictish Trail - HMV Forum, London - 08/03/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

KT Tunstall & Pictish Trail - HMV Forum, London - 08/03/2011



Tonights support comes from Scottish act The Pictish Trail (aka singer Johnny Lynch). Its hard to describe the sort of music Pictish Trail performs - much of it is probably best descibed as folk, played on an acoustic guitar, but Pictish Trial also includes electronic synth music with a drum machine. Banter between songs keeps the crowd entertained and he received a good amount of applause at the end of the set.

When KT Tunstall comes on stage, the first thing that strikes you is how small she is - she is not only short but is extremely thin, and when she picks up a large guitar she seems even smaller (a fact she jokes about with the audience).
As soon as KT Tunstall starts to play and sing though, her size is quickly forgotten and people focus on the music.
KT's music is an engaging folk rock style which has won her several awards as well as plenty of fans.
Tonights show includes virtually all the songs from her current album, Tiger Suit (The entertainer being the only song from the album that isnt played tonight). The biggest applause though is saved for the tracks from the first album, Eye to the telescope ("Other side of the world", "Black horse and the cherry tree", and the song that closes the show, "Suddenly I see") - this is typical for many bands and is usually simply due to people being more familiar with the older albums.
Certainly much of the new material played tonight stands up well against the older songs.

Some of the songs tonight are played slightly differently to the versions on the album - during "Black Horse and the cherry tree" for instance there is a trumpet section, and "other side of the world" is played more slowly.

During the encore, Pictish Trail joined KT Tunstall on stage to perform "Close to me" with her.

Tonight's show is being recorded and people are able to buy the CD of the show almost as soon as it ends. Judging by the huge queue to collect the CD's at the end of the show its clear that a lot of people have enjoyed tonights performance to spend their money buying the CD of the show.

KT Tunstall photos:
Pictish Trail photos:

KT TUnstall Setlist:

Come on get in
Glamour puss
Uummannaq song
False alarm
If only
Other side of the world
Solo tune
Black horse and the cherry tree
Golden frames
Saving my face
Madame Trudeaux
Push that knot away
Fade like a shadow

Still a Wierdo
Close to me
Suddenly I see

Writer: Anthony May
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