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Cavalera, Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 2024-06-28 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Cavalera, Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 2024-06-28



It was really warm at Pustervik in Gothenburg when the Cavalera brothers hit the stage to start their tribute set to the Morbid Visions and Schizophrenia albums by Sepultura released in 1986 and 1987 that the two brothers were a part in creating during their early years in Sepultura.

The set contained a mix of songs from the two albums in no particular order, plus Refuse/Resist and Territory. So was able to hear black metal era Sepultura that they took part creating between 1983-1986.
The set lasted approximately between 21:00 and 22:30 with one short interlude before the encore, closing it out with some of the classic Sepultura hits with some medleys.

The crowd was decent, despite the heat, not far from sold out.
The heat didn't stop the moshpit throughout the set, they were excited and energetic.

The band performed well, and had consistent energy throughout the set, and the crowd as well, there were a bunch of excited people in the crowd who were really looking forward to hearing all those early and a bit more obscure songs from Sepultura's catalog, people sang along and moshed.

So all in all it was an evening of nostalgia and history of early extreme metal in Brazil.

You can also see my photos from this gig here, where I tried to give some of them a similar look to the 1991 Live In Barcelona Concert video just based on memory.

1. Bestial Devastation.
2. Antichrist.
3. Necromancer.
4. Warriors of Death.
5. Morbid Visions.
6. Mayhem.
7. Crusifixion.
8. Funeral Rites.
9. From The Past Comes The Storms.
10. Septic Schizo.
11. Inquisition Symphony.
12.Rest In Pain

13. Refuse/Resist/Propaganda.
14. Territory.
15. Troops of Doom.
16. Morbid Devastation/Dead Embryonic Cells/Rest In Pain


Writer: Joakim Öberg
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