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Some of the bands at Hellfest 2022 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Some of the bands at Hellfest 2022



Apart from the heatwave, cold beers and locally produced wine there where “a few” bands playing at Hellfest also. Here are some of the ones I managed to see.

Tribulation: 4 of 5 baguettes
Tribulation live never disappoints. As soon as they started to play the audience went insane, in a positive meaning of this word. The energy and music of the band encouraged the audience to get crazy and crowd surf on each and every song. 

Jerry Cantrell: 5 of 5 baguettes
Amazing concert. You felt like being transformed back to the 90’s when Alice in Chains were at their top. Jerry performed mostly AIC songs, and the audience was amused and had an incredible time. The settings of the Valley stage at Hellfest were only making the experience more magical. 

Nine Inch Nails: 5 of 5 baguettes
One of the best concerts of Hellfest 2022. If you have been there, you would probably agree that sex was in the air! So much sexual energy made the people go into an erotic trans during the whole 1.5 hours of the band’s performance. The changing lights dancing within the music's rhythm added only to the ever-growing sex appeal of this concert. 

Guns N' Roses: 2 of 5 baguettes
2.5 hours of something that anybody could predict this concert would be like; all the Guns N' Roses biggest hits and way too long guitar solos. It seemed like the whole Hellfest audience was at this concert, and therefore there was no way to move. The vibe of the audience was totally different than on any other Hellfest concert that I have experienced.

In my opinion, Guns N' Roses is not a metal festival band of Hellfest caliber. It's too commercial and too soft. They should perform on stadiums and festivals with all kinds of music.

Avatar: 4 of 5 baguettes
My new music discovery at Hellfest! I didn't know that band before, and I was positively surprised. Great showman, great show, and amazing contact with the audience. The amazing podium that has been staged for Metallica, which was the main name of this evening, was well used by the other bands, who were playing on the stage before. One of these bands was Avatar, and they used it to make amazing contact with the audience and jump and dance all over the place. I highly recommend seeing this band live.


Writer: Karolina Pepel
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