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Sten Mol - Final Days | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sten Mol - Final Days



This is the first EP released by Sten Mol, a stoner - psychedelic band from Croatia. And well, even if they had recorded just a demo in 2015 and release some singles on their Bandcamp page - and some band member changes apparently - they finally give to the masses this EP, Final Days.

It contains just 4 songs, 5 minutes each more or less, which combine stoner riffs, raspy voice, and some solos. Oh right, solos are not actually my cup of tea and I usually got bored with them, but hey, if you are a fan of prog-rock/stoner metal here's exactly what you need!

Among the four tracks, for sure my fav one is Distress Call, but, overall, I like the atmosphere that the EP creates: dark, distressed, on the verge. One point on the voice: I prefer when the singer stays on low sounds, as the pitch goes up he loses a bit of energy. However, the beating drums, the changing of rhythm and the fantastic intro of the first track Ancient Astronauts make Sten Mol's first EP a little gem for all the stoners out there!

Writer: Stefania Grosso
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