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Interview with Erik Grönwall from H.E.A.T. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with Erik Grönwall from H.E.A.T.

H.E.A.T announced the release of a brand new album, titled “H.E.A.T II”, early next year.
“H.E.A.T II” is the first album ever to be produced entirely by the band with Jona Tee and Dave Dalone as producers.
First out was ”One by One”, released September 27th, followed up by the anthem ”RISE”.

So it's only fair that we put Erik Grönwall under the spotlight in this unique interview where we find out about his previous career before H.E.A.T all about the new album as well as tour plans.
Let´s get this ball rooling and let Erik loose.

So what is up in the H.E.A.T Camp?

Releasing new stuff and planning a new tour.

I see, and can you tell us about your journey when you broke through Idol 2009, from there until now.

Ups and downs.
I joined H.e.a.t. shortly after I won Idol and have been out touring and releasing music since then.
There's been a lot of challenges on the way but that's how you grow and get stronger.

So can you tell us a little more about your upcoming album "H.E.A.T II" which will be released early next year.

This is the album I'm most proud of in my career so far.
It's melodic but a bit heavier than the previous albums and that's what I like.
It's the first album produced by the band with Jona Tee and Dave Dalone as producers.
They've done an amazing job!

So what´s do your tour plans look like?

Yes but nothing official yet.

Hoping we´ll get to now them futher on then.
Can you tell us a little about how you guys are creating new music?

I have decided not to be so involved in the writing process since I think Jona and Dave are much better at it.
I like to come in and arrange the song a bit but I will leave the rest to the pro's from now on.

Sounds good, and where do you find all the energy on stage?

It's easy to find energy when you are doing things you enjoy doing.
People always think I'm doing drugs but the energy comes from doing something that I love doing.

I can see that, does the name H.E.A.T stand/mean for something?

Hey. Everybody Asks That.

Okey, guess we´ll not get the answer here then.
That´s a pity.
So instead tell us a little more about what it was like to be part of Andrew Lloyd Webber's and Tim Rices's Jesus Christ Superstar, which was being broadcast live via NBC 2018.

The whole thing was pretty surreal.
They found me on Youtube and decided to reach out to my management.
I thought it was one of those scam emails at first “if you transfer 2 dollars to this account you will get 1 million dollars from me” so I didn't reply to the email at first.
Then they kept contacting us and we realized it wasn't a scam.
So I did the audition and got the part, lived in NYC for four weeks and did JCS in front of millions of viewers.
We were nominated for a grammy in the beginning of this year as well so I attended the grammy awards in LA.
Crazy experience.

Sounds like a blast, and if you had to choose a song from H.E.A.T , which would it be and why.

One by one.
I think the new songs we are releasing now are the best we've ever written.
It's catchy and heavy.

So is there any song that you're really tired of playing?

Nah, not really.

Cool, so do you have any tips for young musicians out there?

Patience, persistence and learn to love the grind

A few last words to our readers?

Rock n' roll!

Thanks, Iám looking forward for your new album "H.E.A.T II".

//Grimgoth™ -

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