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Los Fastidios, Zebrahead, Ska-P @ Sherwood Festival | FESTIVALPHOTO

Los Fastidios, Zebrahead, Ska-P @ Sherwood Festival



The Sherwood festival continued with three great bands from three different countries of the world. And thinking about that we looked at the screens on stage, showing videos of climate change fights, resistance, and migrations. Music has no borders, music is made by people, so why people need to have borders?

The first band of the night, Los Fastidios, talk a lot about this on their songs. Songs about being true to ourselves, songs about resistance and revolution, songs about unity. They are one of the core band in the ska-punk movement in Italy and also in Europe and it is always a pleasure to see Enrico on stage, with his energy and charisma. A set devoted more to ska music, as lately, they are presenting a lot of ska original songs. And yes, well, even if I was in love with their old songs, I really like this change of sound and of course, their attitude is always one of the purest and simplest in this scene. As they put it, never forget your roots.

The second band on the bill, Zebrahead, are actually not my cup of tea. Even if they have that catchy 90s sound and they are really intriguing and funny on stage, their songs don’t hit me in the heart. Anyway, I need to say that the kids were having fun, they were dancing and jumping and singing. And that’s how a good festival needs to be!

Tonight the headliners are one the most famous bands in Europe, they changed end developed ska-punk music and they have written unforgettable songs about our society: Ska-P! I was a bit excited because it was the first time I saw them live (yeah, you can say what??!) so I expected so much from them. Guess what? They didn’t disappoint me! All the great songs, ‘El Vals del Obrero’, ‘Legalizacion’ plus the new ones such as ‘Jacque al Rey’, great scenography and, of course, a sound that is unmistakable. They played for two hours and for two hours we sang and jumped and enjoyed every single minute of their great show. Ska-P is a great band, a band which beyond music, conveys a true message. A message of equality, revolution and unity. Hasta Siempre!


Writer: Stefania Grosso
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