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Interview with Madeleine Liljestam from Eleine. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with Madeleine Liljestam from Eleine.

In late 2011 vocalist Madeleine Liljestam began working with Cardiac Records.
A year later, songwriter/singer and guitarist, Rikard Ekberg joined as co-founder and Eleine was born.
Since then they have been across almost half the globe playing their symphonic metal and spreading their word.
With heavy riffs, enchanting vocals, brutal growls and symphonic arrangements that so seamlessly work together, Eleine has proven that they're worthy a spot amongst the great.

In this exclusive interview you gonna find out the work behind the songs and album, tourplans and how they have changed their shows over the years.
And last but not least which song that Madeleine is extra proud of, and the secret behind the band name...
Read all about it here and now!

How is the situation in Eleine Camp today?

The situation is very good!
We a lot of fun stuff on our plate.
We have some great festival shows coming up, our own exclusive show at Södra Teatern in Stockholm October 5th and on top of that we’re writing and recording music for our upcoming EP that will be released later this year.
Oh yeah, we’re also recoding at least one music video during the summer.
So we have a lot on our hands, but fun times ahead!

That´s sounds amazing, looking forward for your new album.
But first you gotta tell me a little about your latest album "Until The End" and the work behind it.

“Until The End” is our second album.
We started easing in working with “Until The End” during 2016 and really layed our backs in to it in 2017.
It was a very intense project.
The album is all about injustice in the world, politics, religion.. and we also wanted to shine a light on the issue with purely selfcentered people and the overblown egos you see everywhere today.
It was important for us to create scenarios in the tracks, like in the title track “Until The End” - It plays a scenario for the listener about a mother and her son.
Fighting for their lives and the journey her son has to take without her after she selflessly sacrificed herself for him.

It was awfully painful to write about.
Writing the lyrics, seeing these scenarios in your head, it makes you realize how fragile life is.
It makes you feel.
It makes you see how awful everyday life is to some and it makes you feel humanity.

That´s really big problems in the world and good that you bring them up, hopefully some will stop and listen and open their eyes and wonder what the hell they are doing.
And the raw emotions that you have put in will show, and feel to the listener.
I have addressed but how is things done when you create new music, who does what?

Rikard Ekberg and I are the main songwriters of Eleine.
All ideas are always welcome, but the decisions of what’s being used are only based on what Eleine is all about.
Not somebody’s ego.

We never have the same procedure.
Sometimes it starts with a chorus melody, sometimes with a heavy riff and sometimes it’s just a line of lyrics.
It’s always a fun process though even if it’s hard sometimes.. but I love every part of it.

Okey, and I understand the procedure.
And now to our live shows.
It feels like you have developed your shows quite drastically in the recent years.
Please tell me more about the work behind.
Who does your props, etc. etc.?

Yes, thank you for noticing.
The secret is… hard work!
We’ve been doing everything on our own so far, and it’s always fun to see thing come together.
We have BIG ideas, but we have to save that for later so we don’t blow our entire budget purely on props and fire just yet, haha.

Big ideas and little budget is testing, but Iam sure you´ll make it some day.
Looking forward to se the small (or big) changes in the future.
And how does your nearest tour plans look like?

We have some awesome festival shows this year in Sweden and Germany.
One of the shows we’re looking most forward to the most is our show at Södra Teatern in Stockholm October 5th.
It will be a very special evening, called #AnEveningWithEleine, and it will be our longest set to date.
The seats are numbered and the amount of seats are strickly limited.
Meaning that if it gets sold out, there is no possibility to add more tickets.
A big chunk of tickets are already sold to Eleine fans both in Sweden and from abroad.
We have very beautiful and dedicated fans driving long distances, flying in from the UK, Belgium, Germany etc, just to take part of this milestone live show that is An Evening With Eleine.
I think that we are just as excited about the live show at Södra Teatern as our fans.
Tickets can be found at www.tickster.com
We also have a reveal to share, but it is not to be revealed just yet.
A couple of more weeks to go!

That´s sounds amazing an very interesting.
I hope I can be there then.
You are signed with a local record label in Ystad called Cardiac Records, how did you find each other?

No, we are not.
They were the first label that I started working with way back and it didn’t work out at all.
Let’s leave those details for another time.
We left, and became an independent band and has been ever since.
Today we have our own label and are working very close with our distributor Sound Pollution.
We are interested in working with a larger label that can help take Eleine to the next level and beyond.

That´s right, I must have mixed my facts there.
And good that you have moved on since then, hope you´ll find that label then.
Can you describe your journey as a band since the start until now, what do you think the recipe has been to end up where you are now?

Hard work.
It’s always hard work, and to some people it can look like a lot of “sacrifices” but it’s really not.
Rikard and I changed our entire lifes to put everything we have into Eleine. We’ve dedicated all our time, both spare and professional, to Eleine so we can reach our goals even faster.
To say the least, we are not afraid to sacrifice everything for Eleine.

There is no exact recipe.
But if you’re in this business you have to realize that if you want to do this full-time, and not have it as a hobby, nothing is happening over a day and without hard work.
Some bands are OK having their bands as a hobby, and that’s totally fine.
But that’s not our vision and not our goal.

That´s fascinating, and like you say.
Nothing comes free.
And do you have any tips for young musicians out there who also dream of breaking through?

Value yourself and what you do. Work hard, be kind and remember that sometimes it’s better to say no than yes to everything.
You will loose friends, maybe even family members, that don’t accept who you are or what you want to do, and that is sad – but that is sometimes what it takes.
As we say in Sweden – “This business is not a dance on roses”.
But practically nothing is impossible either.

That was really good advice.
And now to your bandname Eleine, how did you come up with that and it's so simple it's the end of your name Madeleine?

Yes, it’s that simple!

Good, I noticed this right before this interview.
You also work as a model, how can you combine these two artistic professions?

I haven’t been able to do as much modeling as I wish I had this year.
Which is fine, but I do miss it a lot too since it’s a great creative process for me.

You see, when I write my parts of our music.. I often see everything in pictures and like movie clips in my head.
The modeling, expressing emotions, is a part of that.
So I hope I get a chance soon, but right now at this very moment it’s a LOT to do at the same time!

If you could pick one song that you’re extra proud of that you’ve made, which one is that and why?

That is a extremely hard question, haha.
I would choose every track from our second album “Until The End” since they’re all connected.. but if I really must choose just one it’s “From The Grave”.
It’s about living your life now, and not being persuaded to live some bullshit life that your society/religion/politics forces you to.
Don’t be a soulless shell, doing what you think everyone else wants you to do.
Be the creator, owner and giver of your own life not the undertaker.

I like giving hard question, and great answer.
So end with a few words to our readers.

We love you all, and as always thank you for your beautiful and loyal support.
We hope to meet every single one of you on one of our shows one day!

//Grimgoth™ -

Writer: Grimgoth
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