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Carrie Tree - The Canoe | FESTIVALPHOTO

Carrie Tree - The Canoe



Brighton based singer songwriter Carrie Tree releases her third album later this week. Based in Brighton she travels around the world and has played regularly at UK festivals including Cambridge Folk festival and Glastonbury festival. She's also worked with acts including Carly Simon, Albert Mazibuko (Ladysmith black mambazo), Damien Rice and more either in the studio or live.

Singer-songwriter albums are tricky to get right - so often they tend to fail to stand out from the crowd, but Carrie Tree manages to make this not feel like a typical singer-songwriter album. It's got an almost Folk feel to it but never quite goes fully Folk. The music is beautiful - soft and melodic and whether it's acoustic guitar or piano it works nicely with the vocals - never drawing attention away from the vocals and lyrics, just adding the little extra touches to really add extra beauty to the songs.

With songs about birth, death, the body as a vessel the lyrics are well worth listening closely to - they're beautifully written and delivered.

It's a fantastic album - highly recommended.

"The canoe" is out now.

Track listing:

1. Sweet illusion
2. Honey soup
3. The canoe
4. Human kindness
5. Only love
6. Deep as we dare
7. Alive
8. Call to the wind
9. Red clay woman
10. Summertime

Writer: Anthony May
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