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The Dirty Denims release a new video | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Dirty Denims release a new video



The Dirty Denims want to look good
Dutch Happy Hardrock band The Dirty Denims have released a new video. The song Make Us Look Good, taken from their album "Back With A Bang!", is an ode to the photographers who always take beautiful pictures at concerts.

The leading role is for Suzanne, drummer of The Dirty Denims. Because: "Huh, what!? No pictures of the drummer?!"
“No homesickness to 'Thunderstruck' anymore, because The Dirty Denims come with their own iconic riff”,according to Ralf from White Room Reviews. The Dirty Denims sure aren't hiding that AC/DC is an inspiration.

For "Make Us Look Good": The video is directed by Joost Nevels, who also made the boxing-video for their song "Back With A Bang!".

The story
In the video the band members are viewing photos of a past gig. Drummer Suzanne is very disappointed,because there are no photographs of her. That's so often the case, the drummer is the forgotten band member for photographers! The other band members are very satisfied.
They plan a photoshoot for a new promoshoot. The members practice their moves in front of a mirror (using a hairbrush and airguitars) and go to Kapper Roland, thé hairdresser for many rockers in their hometown of Eindhoven (NL). Photographer Willem Wouters plays a star role as photographer complete with sleazy moustache.
He is a little scared of the angry Suzanne. She also wants to shine on a picture for once! She is very happy with the end result.

Classic Rock magazine UK
The Dirty Denims play Happy Hardrock: hardrock that makes you feel good in a heartbeat. Combined with rock'n roll, powerpop and a slice of punkrock it sounds like AC/DC, KISS, Joan Jett, Ramones and The Donnas.
The big Classic Rock magazine UK compared them with Rose Tattoo: “The Dirty Denims are a blast of high-energy(...) hard rock that reminds me of Rose Tattoo when they were still young and spry, and if Angry Anderson was a woman with a fearsome set of pipes. If rock'n'roll is dead, nobody told these cats. I hope they never get the memo.”

The Dirty Denims.
The Dirty Denims have played on large festivals like Lowlands, Rockin' Park, Zwarte Cross and Bospop and have supported Slash, Golden Earring, Extreme, Cheap Trick, Steel Panther and The Datsuns. Their song “24-7-365” got them national airplay on the biggest radiostation of the country. The song also was featured in 2 international
Comedy Central campaigns.
The song “Back With A Bang!” is featured on the compilation-cd that comes with
Classic Rock magazine UK, November 2017 (circulation 70,000 editions worldwide).

Watch the new video below.

More information:
Photo credit:Willem Wouterse

Writer: Dr Rock
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