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Lucero - Among the ghosts | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lucero - Among the ghosts



Lucero are currently celebrating 20 years as a band, and are also releasing a new album, Among the ghosts. It's their 9th studio album.
Ben Nichols has a great voice - that whisky-soaked gritty sort of sound you tend to associate with blues-rock acts rather than a band like Lucero. Lucero have been described as alt-country in the past, but these days it's more of a rock sound.

Check out the video to "For the lonely ones"...

It's a very good song, but it's not the only one - the album is packed full of great songs, many of which I prefer to "For the lonely ones". The opening two tracks - "Among the ghosts" and "Bottom of the sea" are a fantastic start to the album and really make you want to listen to the rest of the album. Opening tracks are key in that respect - get it right and people listen to more, get it wrong and people move on to something else, so it's great that Lucero open the album with such strong tracks.

Check out Long way back home"...

It's an excellent album and one I'd definitely recommend checking out.

"Among the ghosts" will be released on 3rd August 2018 via Thirty tigers.

Track listing:

1. Among the ghosts
2. Bottom of the sea
3. Everything has changed
4. Always been you
5. Cover me
6. To my dearest wife
7. Long way back home
8. Loving
9. Back to the night
10. For the lonely ones

Writer: Anthony May
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