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Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage - Awake | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage - Awake



Two years ago Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage released their debut album together and they've now followed it up with a second album, "Awake". With this album, 2 of the songs are written by the two of them together, with another 4 being written by either Hannah or ben individually.
Both of them play guitar as well as Ben playing the dobro and Hannah playing the mountain dulcimer, while Hannah Sanders takes on lead vocal duties for most of the album

Check out "Way over yonder in the minor key"...

It's an excellent album - fantastic vocals, beautiful music and wonderful songs - an album folk lovers everywhere should check out.

Track listing:

1. Selkie song
2. I met a man
3. Way over yonder in the minor key
4. A thousand new moons
5. Every night when the sun goes in
6. 7
7. Reynardine
8. Santa Fe trail
9. Awake
10. One grain of sand
11. Reaching

Writer: Anthony May
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