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Face to Face Interview | FESTIVALPHOTO

Face to Face Interview



And while we wait for the new edition of the Punk Rock Holiday, here's my interview with Face to Face singer Trever!

I: How it is to be in a festival like this, surrounded by nature, good bands, do you expect a good show?

Trever: It’s the first time for us in Slovenia, at this festival, Punk Rock Holiday, it’s beautiful, the river is beautiful…

I: Did you try it?

Trever: I did! I just jumped in, it’s awesome. I’ve heard from a lot of people how cool it is, but I didn’t know how to expect for myself. It’s really cool, I’m excited.

I: So Chad left the band, how do you feel about it?

Trever: Well, he was really committed to the band, also for Ignorance is Bliss, but then, yeah.. we broke up and then he started his business, and after a few years, he decide to stepped back. But we both agree on that so.. the doors will always be open for him.

I: The best band you share the band with.

Trever: We played with the Ramones, which was amazing, of course. It is hard to choose… Well, the Ramones, it was the most iconic.

I: Do you prefer playing in big festivals or in more intimate venue?

Trever: It depends. We played a small show last night, just 300 – 400 people and it was awesome. It was like one of the best nights of the tour, in Munich. We played in festivals that were bad,,, and some were good. It’s like an x factor coming in. But we try to be consistent night after night, no matter what, no matter the audience, going crazy, or being more quiet, drinking beers in the back and just listening, it’s not a bad night. We just try to do our best every night.

I: After all those years and all these experience as a band, what you will expect for the future? To continue, to continue to be true to yourself as a band, more albums, more tours…

Trever: I believe, I mean, for the short term, we are a lot on tour for this year, and we are scheduled to go back to the blasting room in January to record another album, and it will be followed by another a year of tour. It will be the tenth album, I don’t know how many albums we can make… probably when we reach the tenth album we can just go on tour, maybe not on such heavy pace, but still do a certain number of shows on a year… but, who knows! We will continue to do it until it will be fun and people will come to see us!


Writer: Stefania Grosso
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