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Get Dead @ New Cross Inn, London | FESTIVALPHOTO

Get Dead @ New Cross Inn, London



As you probably know, I love this place, New Cross Inn, a fantastic pub that hosts bands and incredible gigs. So, it doesn’t matter if it is Monday evening, Get Dead are playing in town and I need to go!

I arrived late (as usual, of course!) and Burnt Tapes were hitting the stage, a London-based punk (or something like that) band which really impressed me. Their new EP is out, so, give them a try.

Then, the stage was ready for the Dissociates, another London band which plays a kind of post punk. I have to admit that I checked them on Spotify before the gig and I didn’t like them. However, seeing them live, with all the explosive energy and fast guitars, made me change my mind. So, good job guys!

Finally, it was time for the headliners of this Monday evening, the Californian band, Get Dead. Before, I had time to talk a bit with their roadie and friend, who sold me their amazing t-shirt and who actually was wearing a great t-shirt! Anyway, Get Dead are a fucking great band and every time I see them live, they become more energetic, unite and probably drunk. They fucking rule with songs such as Welcome to Hell, This one’s for Johnny, The Process and Cousin Marvin. To finish the set they played an on fire version of Fuck You, which make you jump even if you don’t want to.
There’s nothing left to say, it was a great night and with a booze and a cigarette in your hand you can go home humming their songs!


Writer: Stefania Grosso
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