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Squeeze - The knowledge | FESTIVALPHOTO

Squeeze - The knowledge



Squeeze are a band that have been around for a long long time. Formed in 1974 they continued up till 1999 before splitting and then reforming in 2007 with founding members Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford being the only original members left. Since reforming they've released two studio albums. The first was simply re-recorded versions of odler songs, but 2015's "Cradle to the grave" saw them release new material. Now they're following that with "The knowledge".

For many people, Squeeze will forever be associated with hits such as "Cool for cats", but this album doesn't contain anything likely to be a hit single. That's not a criticism, more a reflection on the sad state of the music industry where quality is overlooked in favour of the latest bland release from a "star". Quality is something though that you'll find everywhere you look in this album.

There's a very rich and varied feel to the album with a collection of excellent songs. They cover a range of subjects including the NHS (in the fantastic song "A&E"), erectile disfunction ("Please be upstanding") and young footballers being abused by predatory coaches ("Final score"). Topics such as the NHS or the abuse of young footballers are subjects that are very topical but which you're unlikely to find many bands writing about. It's been extremely well done here though - covering some topics and getting the tone just right is a real skill.

To try and describe what to expect from this album, I'd say that there is a lot in common with 10CC, and it's certainly likely that fans of 10CC will love this album. Not having listened to the "Cradle to the grave" album I wasn't sure what to expect from the current Squeeze lineup, but I'm really glad I gave this album a listen - it really is a fantastic album.

"The knowledge" will be released on 13th October 2017

Track listing:

1. Innocence in paradise
2. Patchouli
3. A&E
4. Every story
5. A rough ride
6. Departure lounge
7. Final score
8. Please be upstanding
9. The one
10. Albatross
11. Elmers end
12. Two forks

Writer: Anthony May
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