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Richard Thompson - Acoustic rarities | FESTIVALPHOTO

Richard Thompson - Acoustic rarities



In 2014, Richard Thompson released "Acoustic classics", an album that took a number of his songs and rearranged them in acoustic form. It was a great album, and he followed that with "Acoustic classics II" in August this year. He's not stopping there either as he is now releasing "Acoustic rarities" on 6th October.

Richard Thompson fans will no doubt have listened to the two Acoustic classics albums in which case they'll know exactly what to expect from this album - the only change is the songs included. Rather than his better known songs, he's opted to do acoustic versions of more obscure songs from his back catalogue. It's a nice idea as fans get to hear some songs they may well have never heard before, but it does tend to diminish the appeal to the wider audience as usually the more obscure songs are obscure for a reason.

A good album but unless you're a hardcore fan then you'd be better off sticking to "Acoustic classics" or "Acoustic classics II".

"Acoustic rarities" will be released on 6th October 2017

Track listing:

1. What if
2. They tore the Hippodrome down
3. Seven brothers
4. Rainbow over the hill
5. Never again
6. I must have a march
7. I'll take all my sorrows to the sea
8. Poor ditching boy
9. Alexander Graham Bell
10. Sloth
11. Push and shove
12. End of the rainbow
13. Poor Will and the jolly hangman
14. She played right into my hands

Writer: Anthony May
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