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Pale Honey - Devotion | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pale Honey - Devotion



Pale Honey are a Swedish duo. They released their self titled debut album two years ago, and it was a very good album. They still describe themselves as Indie rock, but Indie pop is definitely a more accurate description for them in my view - there is a rock element but I think it's drowned out by the pop.

The band have definitely moved on in the last couple of years - this album takes the best bits of the debut and improves on them. The new album is more focussed and consistent. The name pale honey seems to suit the beautiful smooth vocals

They've released a video for "Real thing" which is probably the most "rock" song on the album with the guitars nice and prominently used.

The second video to be released is for the final track "Why do I always feel this way"...

It's a very good album - based around guitars, synth and drums plus vocals. If you enjoy the two videos above then I'd definitely suggest checking out the album.

"Devotion" will be released on 13th October 2017

Track listing:

1. Replace me
2. Someone's devotion
3. Get these things out of my head
4. The heaviest of storms (Devotion part 1)
5. Lesson learned
6. Real thing
7. 777 (Devotion part 2)
8. Sweep
9. Golden
10. Why do I always feel this way

Writer: Anthony May
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