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Deer Tick - Vol 1 and vol 2 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Deer Tick - Vol 1 and vol 2



Deer Tick are about to release their first album for four years - or to be precise they're releasing two albums at the same time - "Deer Tick Vol 1" and "Deer Tick Vol 2". It's definitely an unusual strategy, releasing two albums on the same day rather than doing one double album or releasing the two albums a few months apart.

Why two albums rather than one double album? Well they've obviously decided that the albums are too different musically to make sense as a double album.

"Deer Tick Vol 1" is a great album that is very much a folk or roots based album, so expect acoustic guitar among a range of other instruments. The songs are well written and have a thoughtful or introspective feel to them. It really is a good album right from the start with the excellent opening track, "Sea of clouds".

After listening to "Deer Tick Vol 1" and enjoying it, I can imagine a lot of people hitting play on the second album and expecting more of the same, but the opening bars of the first track, "Don't hurt" immediately tells you this isn't just more of the same - it's a very different album. The acoustic guitars are gone and are replaced with electric guitars and gone too is the folk/roots feel, replaced instead with Indie rock and punk. There's a much more energetic feel to things.

Releasing two albums on the same day is different enough, but for those albums to be so wildly different from each other is unheard of. It's as though Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde released albums - two different sides of the same person, and really that's exactly what Deer Tick have done - they've shown that they're too diverse to be tied down to a single musical style, or even a narrow range of styles, so by releasing these two albums together they're able to show their full range of musical styles and to do it in a way that works. Releasing a single album with this range of music wouldn't work - it would just be too chaotic. With the two albums some people will love both, while others will love one or the other. Personally I think both are great - they're very different from each other but both are excellent albums.

Two great albums that are well worth checking out.

"Deer Tick Vol 1" and "Deer Tick Vol 2" will be released on 15th September 2017 via Partisan records.

Track listings:

Deer Tick Vol 1:

1. Sea of clouds
2. Card house
3. Doomed from the start
4. Hope is big
5. Only love
6. Cocktail
7. Me and my man
8. End of the world
9. Limp right back
10. Rejection

Deer Tick Vol 2:

1. Don't huirt
2. Jumpstarting
3. Look how clean I am
4. It's a whale
5. Tiny fortunes
6. Sloppy
7. Wants / Needs
8. S.M.F
9. Pulse
10. Mr Nothing gets worse


Writer: Anthony May
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