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British Summer Time at Hyde Park | FESTIVALPHOTO

British Summer Time at Hyde Park


Yeah, maybe I'm a little bit late, summer is almost over here in the UK. But, it was a season of festivals and gigs and I was busy having fun! So, let's start with the biggest one, the British Summer Time at Hyde Park on the 1st of July.

Hyde Park was reinvented for this occasion, and transformed in a fair, with stalls, food, shows and a lot of music. The main stage was the biggest attraction, built as it was a giant oak tree.

Let's talk about music... punk is back in town!
The first band on the main stage were Stiff Little Fingers, a great punk rock band since the 70s. And Alternative Ulster still matters today.
They were followed by The Damned, another great punk band. Yes, old guard, but still amazing, as ever.
I skipped The Hives 'cause I was drinking cider and enjoying the shows, and they are not really my cup of tea.
Then Gogol Bordello hit the stage. For sure, one of the best bands live. A load of punk, folk, balkan and multi kulti stuff, plus great lyrics and crazy musicians!
And then comes the Rancid! I've to confess, I was there for them. One of my favourite bands of all times. One hour of pure pogo, excitement, music and the feeling thta once you're a punk you're always be a punk. Plus, the new songs matched perfectly with the old ones. Have you heard the new album, 'Trouble Maker'? No? Well, do it now.
ANd at the end, the superstars of punk rock: Green Day. I remember all their good songs from the 90s and even if I lost interest in them, guess what? I enjoyed every minute of theri show. Billie is a real entertainer, and he knows that! He invited fans on stage, he delivered good speeches on love and politics, and they all played very well.
And I can say that Good Riddance, at the end, was really impressive,

So despite the years, they are all still great bands and punk rock is still alive!

Writer: Stefania Grosso
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