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ICE AGE DEBUT ALBUM AFTER 30 YEARS! - released Oct 20th


It may come as a surprise to many metal fans that one of the most successful all female thrash/metal bands of the last 30 years have never actually released an album.

Ice Age, from Gothenburg in Sweden, formed in January 1985 by Sabrina Kihlstrand and Pia Nyström, met through an ad in a music store. The band lineup was completed with Sabrina’s sister, Helena (later replaced with bassist Viktoria Larsson), and Tina Strömberg behind the drums.

The bands early incarnation embraced a power metal sound, found on their first demo “Rock Solid”, (which was also their short-lived moniker, before changing their name to Ice Age – more aligned their origins in the cold winters of Scandinavia).

Their sound became increasingly raw and more technical, with leanings towards the style of early Megadeth and Metallica, which can be heard in their demos “General Alert” (1987) and Untitled (1988).

Ice Age’s next demo “Instant Justice” in 1989 saw them gain popularity, touring several countries and playing festivals, including the Open Air in Lamone Switzerland, in front of 5000 people as well as the UK’s legendary Marquee Club.

Midway through a tour and fraught with management problems line-up changes were followed by the eventual implosion of the band in in 1990. By which time they had sold thousands of copies of their demos.

Over the years the interest from fans worldwide has remained strong. Their influence as far reaching as The Big 4 – with Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax dedicating their national TV broadcast Gothenburg Stadium show to Ice Age!

In January 2015 Ice Age took to the stage for the first time in 25 years at the Gothenburg Sound festival – to a rapturous welcome.

With a strong new line up, which besides original members Sabrina and Viktoria, adds Linnea Landstedt (from Tyranex) on Lead Guitar, and André Holmquist (Manimal) on Drums, Ice Age finally started the recording of their debut album, “Breaking The Ice”.

With 5 ‘classic’ songs from the original demos re-recorded and 5 brand new songs, this is the album that many thought would never happen. ‘Breaking the Ice’ is released October 20th by GMR Music Group / PHD. Welcome to the Ice Age…

Track list:

01.Fleet Street
02.Hell or Nothing
04.General Alert
05.Instant Justice
06.Breaking The Ice
07.Total Collapse
08.Mental Disorder
09.No Need To Bleed
10.A Case Of Cerebral Death


Writer: Dr Rock
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