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Rise Against @ The Garage, London | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rise Against @ The Garage, London



One week has just passed and I still don’t believe that last Friday I enjoyed the Rise Against gig unexpectedly. It all begun three weeks ago, when two friends and I discovered that there was a Rise Against concert here in London. The problem was that the tickets had been on sale for just two days – while we were on holiday – and they were sold out, of course. So, we decided to go there, in front of The Garage, in front of Highbury and Islington station, the day of the concert and try to enter in some way or another. Well, we arrived there around 6 pm, and we waited and waited, we met some nice guys, an incredible homeless woman, some strange guys, and we waited again. When we were losing all our hopes, around 9 pm, the miracle happened. They, the organizers, let us in, just when Rise Against had just started playing.

So, shocked and happy, we enjoyed the one and a half hour of concert of the American band. They played really well, much better than the first time I saw them live in Italy. Their set-list was a mix of old good songs and songs from their new album, ‘Wolves’. It was amazing to listen to songs as ‘Prayer of the refugee’ or ‘Satellite’, but I also really enjoyed the new songs, such as ‘The Violence’. The most touching moment was the acoustic set by Tim, with ‘People live here’, ‘Hero of war’ and ‘Swing life away’ dedicated to the Manchester’ victims and to Chris Cornell.

They are amazing, they are captivating and Tim is a great frontman. The energy and power they release on the audience are really startling. So, if Rise Against will play near you, don’t miss out the opportunity to see them live!

And thanks to all that where there on that night!

Writer: Stefania Grosso
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