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Los Fastidios - The Sound of Revolution | FESTIVALPHOTO

Los Fastidios - The Sound of Revolution



The godfathers of the Italian oi! movement are back! Los Fastidios, one of the most important punk/oi bands in Italy, committed also to the Antifa and activist movements, have released their last album, The Sound of Revolution.

This album is a tribute to the over twenty-year career, a celebration of their roots, history and great work throughout these two decades. Twelve tracks that are a struck, a beating heart for all the oi and ska fans. Among these beautiful new songs, that once again tell us how it’s is going on in our country, you can also find some covers as for example ‘Clandestino’ by Manu Chao, or the Ska medley, last track on the album, with ‘You’re wondering now’ by The Specials and ‘We’re coming back’ by Cock Sparrer. Well, this is absolutely an album to listen to over and over again; the twelve tracks are like a bullet in your head and heart (especially ‘Dans le ciel’ and ‘No borders no walls’). Twelve tracks that talk about street life, activists, and in defense of the weak.

The Los Fastidios have released an album that keeps all the integrity and sounds of the band but at the same time shows a maturity and self-awareness that comes after so many years on the road. Listen to it, because everyone needs the sound of revolution!

1. Kids Are Ready (feat. De Veggent)
2. Clandestino (Manu Chao cover)
3. Apri Gli Occhi (feat. Alberto e Matteo – Skassapunka, ottoni)
4. Dans Le Ciel
5. The Sound Of Revolution (feat. De Veggent, tastiera)
6. Last Night
7. A Postcard From The 90’S
8. Radio Babylon (feat. De Veggent, tastiera)
9. The Same War
10. No Borders No Walls
11. Scooterboy
12. Ska Medley (You’re Wondering Now – The Specials/ We’re Coming Back – Cock Sparrer)

Writer: Stefania Grosso
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