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King Diamond @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

King Diamond @ Hellfest 2016


As expected, King Diamond did the best show of the festival and it was a true honor to witness it, to be there to support this legendary artist and his fellow musicians tonight. I mean, he won all the awards at once: best sound (crystal-clear guitars), best setlist (the « Abigail » album was played in its entirety, among other surprises), best performance (his voice actually sounded greater than ever), best musicianship (Andy f-ing LaRocque and the team), best staging (hilariously cheesy spooky acts). The audience was grateful, because King Diamond gave us all he had, and it was magical. He even stayed alone on stage for two or three minutes after the show was over in order to thank all the people in the front row, without his mic, just like that, from man to man. The Hellfest organizers couldn’t have thought of a better band to put and end to their festival. A memorable and relieving experience. Long live the King!!

Writer: Paul S
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