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Moonsorrow @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Moonsorrow @ Hellfest 2016



Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the unique and audacious Moonsorrow to you! The band’s ambitious songwriting hit me hard in the guts today, as I was once again falling in love with their music. The live rendition of their long songs was perfect, in spite of the totally uncalled for epileptic light effects. However, the band has a weak point: the lack of a real frontman and therefore of the quality talking that one should do with their audience from time to time. Anyway, it was incredible to witness how fast time passed by when they took the Temple stage by storm. In my opinion, Moonsorrow’s majestic music is the completion of what most of the other Folk/Pagan Metal bands out there are trying to create (a bit of Finntroll here, a bit of Ensiferum there, etc.). They have been around for more than fifteen years now and they always have managed to stay relevant and push the boundaries of their own art further. What a rush it was for everyone involved! Kudos to you, masters!

Writer: Paul S
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