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Toy Dolls live at Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Toy Dolls live at Hellfest 2016


Ha ha ha, the Toy Dolls were EXCELLENT on the Warzone stage. Their crazy punk rock, which instantly set a no fuck given atmosphere, was just the type of music that I needed to get a nice adrenaline rush in the middle of the afternoon. Lots of dumb gags, matching stage moves and lovely british accent were on the agenda of the established 1979 power trio. It just felt amazing to everybody there to become an element of an united giggly crowd in the blink of an eye. Still as skinny as he ever was, the frontman Olga delivered some classy guitar licks to the people with confident simplicity. They played all their hit songs as if it were the eighties all over again and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Toy Dolls, and please come back soon!

Writer: Paul S
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