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Sound of the sirens - For all our sins | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sound of the sirens - For all our sins



Sound of the sirens are Exeter based duo Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood. Three years ago they released their debut album (A long way to fall), then a year ago they released the EP "All we have is time", and now they're releasing their second album.
The album includes one song from the EP - "Together alone" as well as one song from the first album - "In this time"

Both Abbe and Hannah sing and play acoustic guitar - a deceptively simple formula, but what makes them stand out is the vocals. Both of them have great voices individually but when they sing together then it's that combination of the two voices that takes things to a new level.
The album is one of those albums where you can listen to it again and again and never get bored, and there's not a single weak song on it. Check out the video for "Smokescreen" below and hear Sound of the sirens for yourself.

A great album.

"For all our sins" will be released on 5th May 2017

Track listing:

1. Smokescreen
2. Mr Wilson
3. Together alone
4. Grow
5. Chaos
6. In this time
7. Cross our hearts
8. Possibilities
9. The voice
10. The circus

Writer: Anthony May
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