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Cruachan @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Cruachan @ Hellfest 2016



Cruachan – 12:15 / 12:45 – The Temple

I decide to make the most of having some time on my hands by waiting for Cruachan in the front row, that is still empty at that point. For the first time, I’ll get to see the Irish Folk Metal pioneers whose music I’ve been listening to for years! Hashtag special moment incoming.

Unfortunately, their set was so short that it’s difficult for me to say how I felt about it. For sure, it was a good 5-songs show to start the day with, with a well-balanced Blackened Folk « brawl and party » setlist but they had the bad idea to play the extremely soft « Ride On » as their last song. Ok, it’s their « hit », I get it, and at some point they just let their experience do the talking, but it felt so uncalled for in my opinion... I mean, they only had half an hour to break our necks and leave victorious! Too bad they chose to waste a lot of time playing this dull power ballad, while the audience was in need of another battle tune.
The sound wasn’t perfect at first, but it kept improving over time. Apart from this, the outfits and make-up of the seven (!) band members looked good and they had a great stage presence. I was particularly impressed by the power of Keith’s voice and the strength that emanates from his face when he’s singing his heart out. The skilled drummer stood out, too. I’d be more than happy to see them once again in better conditions, giving all they’ve got somewhere at night on the occasion of a headlining show.

Writer: Paul S
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