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Aynsley Lister - Eyes wide open | FESTIVALPHOTO

Aynsley Lister - Eyes wide open



"Eyes wide open" is the latest album from British Blues musician Aynsley Lister. It's being released on Straight Talkin' Records - his own label.

The album kicks off with "All of your love". It's no surprise that this is the first song from the album to be released and really gets things off to a flying start. Check out the video here...

I love the introduction to "Il Grande Mafioso" played on the acoustic guitar - it sounds like it should be part of the soundtrack to a 60s movie set in Italy. The song itself is just as good and is one of my favourites on the album

Track 7, "Troubled soul (Intro)" seems like an oddity at first - why have an intro halfway through the album? It seem's almost as though it was meant to be the opening track but the running order got switched around, but it's not a mistake - it's not intended to be an intro to the album, but is meant as an intro to the following track, "Kalina", and it does that job nicely leading into it perfectly.

There's so much variety on this album that you're constantly hearing something new and noticing different details and influences, and it really keeps interest levels high as you listen to the album.

It's a very good album - over an hour of great music, excellent guitar playing and lovely smooth vocals. The organ adds richness to the music without ever overpowering things. It's an album that is based on the blues, but has enough other elements to attract a much wider audience - rock and Blues-Rock fans should love this album, and it's even got some appeal for fans of a more pop sound. It's an album that really deserves to do well and is definitely well worth a listen.

Track Listing:

1. All Of Your Love
2. Everything I Have To Give
3. Il Grande Mafioso
4. Won’t Be Taken Down
5. Time
6. Dishevelled
7. Troubled Soul (Intro)
8. Kalina
9. Handful of Doubt
10. Right As Rain
11. Other Part of Me
12. Stay
13. Hold You to It

Writer: Anthony May
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