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Fyresky - The circle | FESTIVALPHOTO

Fyresky - The circle



Fyresky are a new band from Essex, but at least two of the members have been in other bands before. Despite being new they're busy playing shows and going down well with audiences. They've now released their debut EP - The Circle. The EP was recorded in a live lounge style.

The EP opens with "Magik woman (Ritual beginning)". It opens with some soft chanting and acoustic guitar before the electric guitar takes over and leads us into the main part of the song. Better production would have given this song some much needed power, but even with that you still get a great song.

"Falling" has a much faster pace and is another strong track.

The trend of good tracks with a strong chorus continues through the EP with "Ravens and Sapphires" and "Ashes"

The last track (Invocation) is more of a chant rather than sung, and has a suitably atmospheric feel. It's a great track, and echoes the opening of "Magik man" to tie the EP together nicely.

The production is the weakest part on the EP - it's presumably been recorded in a live lounge style as it's always difficult for a small band to find the cash for recording and production of an EP, so it's typical for production to be the weakest part on a band's debut release. It's not bad at all though - it's just that I'm quite sure that with the right production these songs would sound much better. I've heard several of the songs performed live, and they sound great.

A very good EP that's well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. Magik woman (Ritual beginning)
2. Falling
3. Ravens and Sapphires
4. Ashes
5. Invocation (The circle)

Writer: Anthony May
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