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Field Mouse - Episodic | FESTIVALPHOTO

Field Mouse - Episodic



Field Mouse started as a two piece band but thier 2014 release "Hold still life" saw them having evolved into a 5 piece. Now they're back with a new album - Episodic. Written over a 12 month period it is the first album to be written by the band as a 5 piece. The album was recorded in Philadelphia.

so, what can you expect from the album? Ten tracks of guitar powered pop with a definite Indie-rock influence. It's not a sound you tend to hear much these days - it's got more of a late 80s/early 90s feel to it, but standing out from the rest of the music scene is never a bad thing. The vocals are great - at times soft and sweet, and at others with a harder more powerful edge, but never quite crossing the line into rock territory with screaming. The guitars sound great too, and the mix is well done with the vocals never being overpowered but at the same time the vocals don't drown out any of the instruments.

The album is just 31 minutes long which I have to say feels too short - another couple of tracks would have been a worthwhile inclusion. If the songs had been a bit catchier then this would have been a superb album but it's a good album though despite that and if you like guitar driven pop then this is definitely well worth a listen.

"Episodic" will be released on 5th August 2016

Track listing:

1. The mirror
2. Half-life
3. Accessory
4. The order of things
5. A widow with a terrible secret
6. Beacon
7. Over and out
8. Do you believe me now
9. Never would have known
10. Out of context

Writer: Anthony May
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