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Black Sabbath @Copenhell 25th June 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Black Sabbath @Copenhell 25th June 2016



Walking towards the main stage at Copenhell - Helviti, I can already feel the place buzzing! This is only my second Black Sabbath gig, after seeing them in Berlin just a few weeks back – this time I am excited to see if Copenhell is just as perfect a match to the Godfathers of HEAVY METAL as Waldebühne was!

I chat to a couple of guys from Iceland while we wait for the music to start - I can tell they are excited! “This is huge! More than huge! It’s going to be fucking EPIC!”

This is the last time they have a chance to experience these legends on the stage in Denmark, as this is "The End" tour for Balck Sabbath! After over 40 years of setting the tone, it is time to pull the plug - The fans are READY and I am sure they will make this a night to remember for Ozzy, Geezer and Lommi!

Dark skies are rolling in – before we know it the intro to “Black Sabbath” plays loud from the speakers and the heavy feel of the guitar and bass underlines that something big is brewing!

The ROAR that rises from the crowd when Tony, Geezer and Ozzy appear on stage takes me by surprise! I get chills all over, hold my breath and just look at the crowd – mesmerized at what I am witnessing!

I keep getting amazed at the whole feel of this show! It is seriously impressive! The presence and enjoyment of the band is clear to both see and feel – and the stage setup is in some way simple but still takes my breath away with the imagery on the big screens and the sound of it all!

Standout songs played was for me Into The Void, with its heave gritty dirty slow beat, War Pigs really got the crowd going – you could hardly hear Ozzy singing, they were that loud, and Children Of the Grave was just a kick in the face!

The love and adoration from the crowd towards the band reaches its pinnacle and in return, an encore with Paranoid and Zeitgeist – the crowd is blown away and everything seems to fall into perfect unison! Copenhell, the crowd, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy – it all melts together and magic has been made!

Taking a bow, the band is hailed by their fans and showered with a standing ovation and a roaring applause that will not end! Black Sabbath – Take a bow! And, THANK YOU!


1 Black Sabbath
2 Fairies Wear Boots
3 After Forever
4 Into The Void
5 Snowblind
6 War Pigs
7 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
8 N.I.B.
9 Rat Salad
10 Iron Man
11 Dirty Women
12 Children Of The Grave
13 Paranoid
14 Zeitgeist


Writer: Ann Dorte
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