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Shinedown @Copenhell 25th June 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Shinedown @Copenhell 25th June 2016



As I make my way towards the Hades stage at Copenhell, I can hear Prince blasting away over the speakers! They are playing “Let’s Go Crazy”! I can’t believe it! “Dearly beloved! We are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life”!

I take my place at the center of the stage a little back from the front to get a good view, and I get ready to do just what Prince asks me to do – GO CRAZY!

What I am not prepared for, is the absolute storm Shinedown is about to bring to Copenhell!! As Prince fades, guitarist Zack Meyers takes over with a guitar solo, and the crowd greets the band onto the stage with a loud roar - anticipation is high for this 4 piece, 5 records, gold –and platinum selling alternative rock band!

Once Brent, Barry, Zach and Eric are on stage, all hell breaks loose! The sheer energy surging towards the crowd – it's electrifying!

Half way into the first song it almost feels like the band is provoking, even daring the crowd, to let it all hang and just join in the Hard Rock party about to start! It is obvious to me that these guys love to be on stage and perform, even more so they love the crowd interaction – and the love is reciprocated by the crowd jumping, singing along and clapping!

I really dig their sound! This is hard rock/alternative metal, and this girl is loving it! Brent Smiths vocals are insanely good!

The energy pulsing through this show ensures Shinedown a great crowd response, illustrated by people joining in not only in front of the stage, but all the way back on the hills surrounding the festival grounds! At one point the band has the entire crowd on their feet, jumping up and down throwing horns – what a sight!

This is entertainment in its purest form! Hard Rock! No bullshit! Shinedown is here to have one HELLUVA time and make sure everyone else comes along for the ride! And what a ride! Kickass performance! Shinedown, I loved it and so did Copenhell!


1 Asking For It
2 Diamond Eyes
3 If You Only Knew
4 Unity
5 Enemies
6 Devour
7 State Of My Head
8 Cut The Cord
9 Second Chance
10 Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
11 Sound Of Madness


Writer: Ann Dorte
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