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Bombus @Copenhell 25th June 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bombus @Copenhell 25th June 2016



It’s the last day at Copenhell – I get to the festival site early to get settled before seeing Bombus! The grounds are still waking up even though it's 3 in the afternoon.

People are sitting around either eating or drinking and from what I can hear, eagerly discussing yesterday’s shows. Some look more hung over than others – but there is no doubt, that the previous days have taken their toll.

From Gothenburg, Sweden - Bombus have packed their bags filled with explosive drumbeats, thundering basslines and double vocals! Armed to the teeth, they have the ungrateful task but great honor of bringing people back to life!

The sun is relentlessly shining down without any clouds in the sky to offer a break from the heat – but a cold beer and Bombus is obviously the medicine the crowd needs for last nights hangover!

People start joining in straight away, and it’s hard not to be blown away by the seriously powerful sound this band produces! It’s loud! It’s gritty! It’s very bombastic! Its heavy hard rock!!

On vocals and guitar Feffe Berglund and Matte Säker, flanked by Peter Asp on drums and Ola Henriksson on bass – Bombus delivers formidable guitar playing, fast and hard-hitting drum solos and powerful basslines!

The bass is so loud it vibrates everything in front of the stage, and there is great interaction with the crowd in the front rows – eagerly joining in the headbanging in the afternoon heat!

1 Let Her Die
2 Rust
3 Master of Reality
4 Horde Of Lies
5 Biblical
6 Deadweight
7 Repeat Until Dead
8 Enter The Night
9 Into The Fire

Writer: Ann Dorte
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