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Jenny Gillespie - Cure for dreaming | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jenny Gillespie - Cure for dreaming



This is one of those albums that are hard to categorise. In some ways it feels like a folk album with the vocals and lyrics, but musically it's more pop or experimental. The music has a modern feel, not chart pop, more a laid back quiet pop music, but however you choose to describe the album, one thing is clear, it's an excellent release.

Jenny Gillespie has a lovely voice, and the laid back soft music means the vocals are nice and prominent in the mix, which allows you to listen to and appreciate the excellent lyrics. It really is a wonderful album that is well worth listening to. It's hard to pick out a single track to recommend as the whole album is very strong, but I suggest you check out the video for "No stone" -

A great album.

"Cure for dreaming" will be released on 13th May via Narooma records

Track listing:

1. Dhyana by the river
2. No stone
3. Part Potawatomi
4. Evening loving
5. Last mystery train
6. Involuntary sway
7. His voyage innocent
8. Pain travels (Chakra Huckster)

Writer: Anthony May
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