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Ron Pope and the Nighthawks - Ron Pope and the Nighthawks | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ron Pope and the Nighthawks - Ron Pope and the Nighthawks



This is the 6th album from Ron Pope. He's sold over two million singles to date and has had a lot of success with streaming, and has had his music featured on shows such as "The voice", "Vampire diaries", "90210" and "So you think you can dance", and he has appeared as himself on "Nashville". Despite this success he's a name that many music fans in the UK won't be familiar with.

I picked this album with no clue as to what to expect musically - the accompanying press release made no mention of what sort of music it was. The Nashville connection suggests a country style but that's about it. After listening to the album a few times I'm still not sure how to describe the music - the best I can come up with at the moment is a mix of Country, Roots and a bit of Rock and Roll. However you choose to describe it though, one thing is easy to say - it's a damn good album.

You've got a real mix of songs here from the soft or forlorn to the lively and upbeat. Throw in elements such as the slide guitar in "Ain't no angel" or the great horns in "Hell or high water" and you've got plenty of great sounds. At times there's a definite rock and roll feel but then you get songs like "White river junction" with a real country feel, particularly in the chorus. All this variety in styles and instruments could easily go wrong if overdone but Ron Pope has got it spot on - lots of variety but keeping the songs so they all feel like they belong together as a consistent album. It's an excellent album - one of those albums where listening to it once just isnt enough and you find yourself listening to it for hours on repeat.

Highly recommended.

"Ron Pope and the Nighthawks" will be released on 8th January 2016 via Brooklyn Basement Records

Track listing:

1. Southern cross
2. Ain't no angel
3. Hell or high water
4. Leave you behind
5. White river junction
6. Hotel room
7. Take me home
8. Lies and cigarettes
9. Bad intentions
10. One shot of whiskey
11. Goodbye

Writer: Anthony May
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