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Fay Hield and the Hurricane party - Old Adam | FESTIVALPHOTO

Fay Hield and the Hurricane party - Old Adam



Following the success of The Full English project album and touring band, Fay Hield will release her third solo album, Old Adam, in February next year. She's accompanied by her band - The Hurricane party, which consists of Rob Harbron (English concertina, fiddle, vocals), Sam Sweeney (Fiddle, viola, cello, nyckelharpa, vocals), Roger Wilson (Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Ben Nicholls (bass) and Toby Kearney (percussion) along with special guests Jon Boden and Martin Simpson.

The songs range from the modern - "Briar and the rose" is a Tom Waits song, to the ancient - "The hag in the beck" dates back to the 1600s

It's a great album - a traditional English folk sound and Fay's distinctive vocals sound great - nice and clear so you can focus on the lyrics. The songs range from the soft and slow to more lively and upbeat, and the album has been well arranged so the pace is constantly changing which helps make each track stand out from the one that precedes it.

It's a really good album and fans of English folk music should definitely check this out.

"Old Adam" will be released on 12th February 2016 via Soundpost records.

Track listing:

1. Green gravel
2. Raggle taggle gypsy
3. Katie catch
4. Old Adam
5. The hag in the beck
6. Willow glen
7. Queen Eleanor's confession
8. The hornet and the beetle
9. Jack Orion
10. Long time ago
11. Go from my window
12. Anchor song
13. The briar and the rose
14. Old Adam (Reprise)

Writer: Anthony May
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