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Atlanter - Jewels of crime | FESTIVALPHOTO

Atlanter - Jewels of crime



Atlanter formed in 2013 and released their debut album, Vidde, to critical and popular success. Now they're ready to released their next album, Jewels of crime. It's a concept album about pearls and diamonds that has taken almost 3 years to record.

This is definitely an album that is a bit out fo the ordinary. A broad description would be Psychedelic rock, but there's more to it than that - there's also electronica, blues and a hint of jazz in there too. If you think that sounds like a strange blend then you're right - it is strange, but strange in a good way. These crazy Norwegians have come up with something that really does stand out from the crowd (which isn't as easy as it sounds given how many bands are releasing material these days), and the sound they've come up with is extremely good.

if you like psychedelic rock then Norwegian band Atlanter are one you should definitely check out. You can start by watching the video for "Jareeze" below.

"Jewels of crime" will be released on 22nd January 2016 via Jansen Plateproduksjon

Track listing:

1. Hatimanin
2. Light
3. Love shine
4. Jewels of crime
5. Human vs human
6. Alba
7. Let it fade
8. Albarracin
9. Jareeze
10. Wear the rag
11. Merula

Writer: Anthony May
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