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SAMEBLOD - Nostalgia EP


New EP Out 4th December 2015

"The Swedish electronic duo dropped this sparking slice of dance-pop that mixes modern-day rave synths with throwback house vocals. It's the latest taste of their debut album, expected later this year. Consider us officially pumped.” (FUSE TV)

“A magnificent slice of dance-pop, a flurry of ravey synths and nostalgic vocals that are reminiscent of a slightly more downtempo Cut Copy, or German indie-dance aesthete Roosevelt's winsome songwriting. It's the type of song that warms up winter and makes you feel like it's 86 and sunny when it's actually 36 and slushy.” (The Fader)

"On their latest, the Sweden-by-San-Francisco duo whip up a twinkling, tropical dance jam that sounds like Thomas Mars singing over dreamy, old school Cut Copy." (All Things Go)

Sameblod originally met in a small town in the north of Sweden who bonded over their love and passion for the same music. When they first began working together, they had no intention of doing anything productive with it. In their own words they just fancied ‘hanging out and getting wasted’, however when music sounds as blissful as theirs, it’s not going to remain unheard for long. Their previous track ‘Flourish’ featured on FUSE TV’s ‘10 Best Dance Songs’ and now they’re back with a 5 song EP which, as the days get colder, is sure to warm you up inside.

‘Fade Out” is the opening tune which is clearly made for those who love the modern-ified and redesigned ‘80s electro-pop galore. The sentimental vocal line, delivered in a very powerful yet relaxed manner, is guaranteed to hit the listener right in the ear and the heart, whilst irrefutably leaving everyone humming the hooky chorus over and over and over…

‘Asian Mojito’ is the 2nd track on the EP with a sped up tropical house under-layer combined with Asian sounding hooky synths (as the title says). The song is constantly fluttering between build-ups and drops, whilst focusing more on the arrangement than the vocals, and thus resulting in a real anthem with a sophisticated sound that is quite simply unique to Sameblod,

‘Echo’ shows the slightly darker side to Sameblod. What sounds like a techno build up throughout it shows the pair are capable of not just making happy sounding pop anthems but also the ability to dive deeper into a more underground sonic dimension. Accompanied by the powerful lyrics that speak about the less cheery parts of human activity show that the pair also want to use their music to spread powerful messages.

‘Valencia’ takes us straight back to a more familiar sound for Sameblod, with the recent comparisons including the likes of MGMT and Passion Pit. The track also has an African-esque infusion mixed together with 80s synth pop vibes, which shifts the EP to a different genre of dance music.

The final song from the EP is called ‘My Fortune’. The vocals are heavy with folkie emo angst, almost a hint of Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. There is a nostalgic undertone to their tracks, resonant of the classic dance hits of summers gone by which has caught the attention and support of SPIN, Clash, The Fader and Swedish National Newspapers including Aftonbladet to name a few.

Somehow Sameblod have managed to create a sophisticated sound that is quite simply unique to them, and the result in the form of the ‘Nostalgia’ EP will be available to buy and download from the 4th of December.


Writer: Rasmus Lindgren
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