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Tina Refsnes - No one knows that you're lost | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tina Refsnes - No one knows that you're lost



Norwegian singer-songwriter Tina Refsnes grew up in a seaside town in Norway before moving to Liverpool for several years. Now living in Oslo she travelled to Canada to record this album with producer Robbie Lackritz. THe album was recorded in three weeks with Tina Refsnes and three Canadian musicians sitting in the same room recording the songs.

Brief comments on a few tracks

"City city" is a lovely soft song with Tina singing along to acoustic guitar, with some subtle strings in the background for most of the song, although the final part of the song is a louder instrumental section.

"Alaska" is a beautiful song - one of the best on the album in my opinion.

"Spoilt rotten blues" is one of the more lively numbers, but the music never threatens to overpower the lovely vocals

"No one knows that you're lost" is a great blend of folk and Americana, but whatever genres you want to use to describe the music, only one thing really matters and that is the fact that this is a fantastic album and is highly recommended

Track listing:

1. I don't know
2. Leave this heart
3. Upside down clouds
4. The heart wants it's way
5. Put it away
6. Alaska
7. Spoilt rotten blues
8. Told
9. City city
10. A million things
11. Song about trust

Writer: Anthony May
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