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Room full of strangers - Bad vacation | FESTIVALPHOTO

Room full of strangers - Bad vacation



How to describe Room full of strangers? That's a tough one as the music contains influences from a variety of sounds, so while one minute they might remind you of the Sex Pistols, the next they're more like the Stooges, The Doors or maybe the Rolling Stones - all those sounds blended together don't even begin to describe Room full of strangers. That diverse mix of sounds is both their strongest point and their weakest. There's so much variety on the album that it can feel a bit disjointed - there's not really that flow that you expect from an album. Having said that, the sheer amount of diversity does mean that things never get boring as you're never sure what to expect next.

It's a great album - well worth a listen

Track listing:

1. Guest bath
2. The haze
3. Bad vacation
4. We know (what you're looking for
5. Summers in space
6. Trash can Annie
7. Salad head scene
8. You're PC
9. Swimming in circles
10. Perfect stay

Writer: Anthony May
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