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Scissortooth – Novagomorrah | FESTIVALPHOTO

Scissortooth – Novagomorrah



I always come back to my thrash metal roots, despite the time, location and even mood – that is the metal to fit them all. When I have got to know that Canadian thrashers Scissotooth released their debut full-length album “Novagomorrah” I decided to give it a try.

Scissortooth formed in 2003 and well, it took them a while to get to make this full length album, which came out earlier this year. Thrashers, who describe their music as loud for the genre are quite ambitious and definitely worth checking out.

“Novagomorrah” is the groovy thrash metal album with the sound of the 80's – very pleasant mixture for the ears. It opens with fast and memorable “Hostile Takeover”, which catches you right away and has pretty much everything a good thrash metal track must have: speed, memorable chorus, tasty guitar solo and well, the groove. With the next track “10:30”, the album gets more colours of melodies and more ear pleasing riffs. From fast it slows down with “Yellowhead” but always keep this dark and heavy feeling. Although the rhythm, speed changes from song to song, it also goes hand in hand with groovy and heavy riffs throughout the album and that is what holds listener's attention.
Overall, “Novagomorrah” is the set of 11 various songs with varied speed, melodies and groove and even containing thrash metal ballad for closing - “Wormwood”, which is right in the perfect place of the whole set. The album is very dynamic and well built, with interesting textures and details – that is what it makes to listen to the album more than just once!

Reviewers pick: the first and the last: “Hostile Takeover” and “Wormwood” - perfect couple to open and to close this album. The first track, “Hostile Takeover” is complex work that easily describes the whole band's work. In meanwhile, “Wormwood” is haunting, beautiful with exceptional guitars.

“Novagomorrah” by Scissortooth is now available via Galy Records.

Shawn Hoskins – drums
Derek Lundblad – guitar, vocals
Ken Firomski - bass

Track listing:
1. Hostile Takeover
2. 10 30
3. Slowber
4. Yellowhead
5. Incision
6. Shoegazer
7. Common Thread
8. Rotting Alive
9. Nova Gomorrah
10. Rats
11. Wormwood


Writer: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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