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HÔN - S.U.B.


HÔN - S.U.B.

New single out on Oct. 1

Debut album out on Oct. 30 via Tambourhinoceros (Rangleklods, Palace Winter, Cancer).

As the release of HÔN’s debut album White Lion is closing in we’re proud to drop the guitar & synth-driven single “S.U.B.”

Listen here:

The epicenter of HÔN is Jesper Lidang, frontman and songwriter of The Rumour Said Fire. As HÔN Jesper combines the songwriting-virtues of classic pop with an indie musician's awkwardly charming take on R&B, dance and 80’s melancholy.

“S.U.B.” is the hardest hitting track of White Lion with its insistent rhythm section backing the determined vocals in the verse before the song explodes into a grand chorus where a distorted guitars meets HÔN’s characteristic layered vocals and heavy use of synthesized strings.

“S.U.B.” is an immediate and concise synth-pop track leaving equal opportunity to plunge into the musical deep or let the body move to the music – or do both.

If you haven’t done so yet check out “Honeydream” and “Silent Lover” that dropped earlier this year:

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