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Bellowhead - Pandemonium (The Essential Bellowhead) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bellowhead - Pandemonium (The Essential Bellowhead)



Folk band Bellowhead formed just over a decade ago in 2004, and have enjoyed a lot of success, releasing five great albums, selling out tours and headlining festivals, but recently announced that they are bringing the band to an end. There will be farewell tours later this year and in April next year, and a "best of" album is being released too. Entitled "Pandemonium, The essential Bellowhead", it will be released in October and as the name suggests is a selection of some of their best tracks.

It's 13 tracks of excellent lively folk music that have been picked by the band members, and it really is a great album. I suspect most Bellowhead fans will have all the songs on the various albums anyway so for them this release offers little, but for anyone who hasn't listened to Bellowhead before or has heard the band but not bought the albums then this really is a great purchase.

Pandemonium (The Essential Bellowhead) will be released on 16th October 2015 via Navigator records.

Track listing:

1. New York girls
2. 10,000 miles away
3. Roll Alabama
4. Fakenham fair
5. Gosport Nancy
6. Betsy Baker
7. Let her run
8. Roll the woodpile down
9. Yarmouth town
10. Prickle-eye bush
11. Whiskey is the life of man
12. Cold blows the wind
13. London town

Writer: Anthony May
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