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Sziget Festival 2015 - Day 1 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sziget Festival 2015 - Day 1



Sziget Festival 2015 has officially begun and it's bigger than ever! With an estimated attendance of about 400.000 people, the event situated in the Hungary is absolutely the place to be this week.

Even though we're pretty sure that everyone knows what this festival is about, we should inform all the music newbies out there that Sziget is located on Obuda Island in Budapest and that it's one of the biggest five festivals in Europe. That's pretty big. :)

But enough chitchat, let's talk about Sziget 2015! The first day of the festival was all about moving in.

The organizers wanted to make sure that the tens of thousands of happy and thirsty people had time to pitch their tents and familiarize themselves with the island so the only big stage that was active was the Main Stage. But let me assure you, nobody had any problem with that because the headliner was none other than Mr. RW himself, "Robbie Motherfu**ing Williams" (FYI, that's a direct quote from him).

Before the lovely brit, the crowd was warmed-up by three awesome Hungarian bands, The Biebers (glorious name), Ocho Macho and Irie Maffia, all of them with pretty different but strangely complementary musical styles. We didn't even care that all of them sang and talked almost exclusively in Hungarian, because the music itself made us forget about the words and focus on dancing. Let's be honest, that's the magic of music, right? If it's really good, you're going to dance like there's no tomorrow even though you haven't got the slightest idea what they're singing about.

Now let's talk a little about the one and only Robbie. It's simple: the man asked us to let him entertain us and he did. And believe us when we say a lot of people wanted to be entertained by him. It's nearly impossible to estimate how many people attended his concert on Monday because mainly because they were just everywhere. In the hour before the concert, the zone in front of the Main Stage got so crowded you couldn't throw a pin. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Robbie Williams is a true entertainer. He constantly interacted with the crowd and even brought a woman on the stage at one point. His set list was full of classics. From Angels to Free and Come Undone, every song that every Robbie fan wanted to hear was there. Even though it's the second time we got the change to attend one of his concerts in the space of a month,
we didn't want it to end. Ever!

Even though we loved our first day here, Sziget Festival 2015 has only begun and we can't wait to see what it has to offer.


Writer: Ioana Epure
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