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Tuesday, April 14th. Ibiza welcomes the Full Metal Cruise 2015 with almost 2000 passengers. Though being famous for its electronic musical background, the island finally opens its doors to heavy metal. After such a gig we are sure there will be many more!

Ibiza’s medieval fortress was almost full with 800 people at around 6:30 pm., first bands on stage were Vagabundos and Indulgentes. They played a powerful mix of hard rock and classical influences, a great exhibition of Ibiza’s musical roots and a blink to those rock musicians who arrived on the island on the early 60’s. Then it was time for Leo Jiménez, the celebrated Spanish artist (ex-Saratoga, ex-Stravaganzza) who showed a great power metal voice mixed with death and brutal melodies, as well as stunning Pantera and Judas Priest covers. The audience warmed up for the greatest dessert of the night.

U.D.O. strikes back with their 15th album Decadent, recorded in Ibiza. The band is going through a rejuvenating moment with two young, new guitarists and Udo’s 21- year-old son Sven on drums. We managed to talk to Udo Dirkschneider at the backstage shortly before their show:

“The whole album has been recorded in Ibiza. Fitty Wienhold, my bass player, and I both live here, and Fitty has a studio in his home. It’s been a very interesting and fun process for we all have contributed on its creation; the place was new for the band and the atmosphere was great”.

His son Sven has joined the band recently since former U.D.O’s drummer Francesco Jovino left the band due to personal reasons:

“We did a couple auditions but I knew my son was the best for the job, he’s been playing drums since he was 4! One might believe that a father and son relationship in a band might be complicated, but Sven is free to go anytime and he can do whatever he wants. But if he parties too much, I’ll be there to watch! (laughs). I mean I did the same when I was his age, but he’s been on tour with us many times and he knows what’s all about”.

There’s been more changes on the band: Kasperi Heikkinen (Amberian Dawn, Gamma Ray) and Andrei Smirnov (Master RUS) joined U.D.O in 2013 replacing long time artists Stefan Kauffman and Igor Gianola. Also, keyboarder Harrison Young has entered the U.D.O. family on Tour. Udo talks about their contribution to the band:

“We are very happy with these guys. First, they belong to another generation so they have brought “fresh blood” to the band. They can play our old and new stuff in a modern way, their musical background is wide, and we have felt that recording the last album. For this tour we also have a great keyboarder. Harrison can play anything, so the band’s musical body is now even more interesting. After all these years playing, what can I say we are feeling younger! They’re pushing all of us, and that’s a lot of fun!”

Decadent is indeed a different album. We can recognise the known structures of U.D.O’s past albums but this time songs are faster, darker, and computer effects are more measured, favouring pure guitar riffs and a clean keyboard expression. As a musician veteran, the 62 year-old frontman states:

“The whole music business has changed a lot, you can’t sell as much CD’s as you used to sell years ago but we consider ourselves lucky. We are another generation, have faithful fans and a vast catalogue of albums. But for the upcoming musicians I strongly recommend them to sell their stuff through internet, this is the future; a record company won’t help them to make a living anymore, but you can promote yourself through the social media in a matter of seconds. I know record companies will hate me after saying this (laughs) but that’s how it works today”.

The German band made the night one to remember. The good vibe onstage passed on everybody and Decadent was very well received with songs like Untouchable, Secrets in Paradise and Pain. However, the gig resumed very well U.D.O’s career, for they played songs from Steelhammer (2013), Faceless World (1990) and Animal House (1988). Songs like Metal Heart and Black Widow showed Udo’s impeccable voice after so many years, and the anthem I’m a rebel made people jump and horn up with power and gratitude. Fitty’s great shape on the bass showed he was happy to play at home, Sven impressed all of us with his technique and professional attitude. The band is definitely going through a sweet moment and this European Tour will be proof of that, no doubt! Last words of the band before leaving Ibiza… Balls to the Wall!

Writer: Beatriz Yoldi
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