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God is an Astronaut @ Armazém F, Lisboa | FESTIVALPHOTO

God is an Astronaut @ Armazém F, Lisboa


Last monday, Armazém F received two amazing bands ready to blow our minds. The sadness of the weather was already making the portuguese public anxious, but wihtout delay, the first chords are heard.

The chords were from the portuguese band Katabatic, with their wondrous atmospheric rock created an incredible start for the night. With only three members on stage, i can only say that the stage wasn’t enough for them. The alignement of the concert were essentially from their last record, Weighs Like a Nightmare on The Brains of The Living. Who didn’t knew Katabatic – like me – passed all the concert focous on the music, with or without open eyes. The atmosphere was now ready for the rest of the night.

After a small but intensive break, laughs and surprised looks are seen, why? We could say that an astronaut came to see the show, but it was only a fan dressed up like astronaut ready to pass the ticket. With everything ready, the Irish band God is An Astronaut step on the stage. The air was contaminated with happiness but, at the same time, with some smell of melancholy. Two years have passed since their last show at Portugal, and anything seems to be different with them. Always making us part of the band, making us laugh or think about deep things but essentially, making us happy.
With an album almost out – Helios | Erebus – the band of the brothers Kinsella gave us a taste of what lies ahead and one thing i can say without hesitate: it will be a true God is An Astronaut album, and i’m sure everyone will be in love with it, like i did at the concert.
“Fragile”, “Forever Lost” and “Fireflies and Empty Skies” made us travel again to 2005 with they record “All Is Violent, All Is Bright” one of the most expressive álbuns we can hear from them. “The End Of The Beginning” led us back to 2002, their first record and the one who make me fall in love for this Irish band.
The concert was a mix of emotions and the interaction between the band and the public was like a huge family. Heartily, i couldn’t expect less from them.

Writer: Mariana Pisa
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