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Leiva's PolvoraOnTour lands in Barcelona next May 8 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Leiva's PolvoraOnTour lands in Barcelona next May 8


Spanish songwriter and former Pereza's frontman, Leiva will stop in Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, next May 8, within his tour #PolvoraOnTour. The singer is presenting his new work 'Polvora', that made him become one of the most important rock artist in Spain.

Don't miss this chance and get your tickets for the show:

These are the other dates of the tour, ending in Madrid next July 4:


10 Mérida. IFEME
17 Salamanca. Multiusos Sanchez Paraíso.
18 Ferrol. Auditorio Municipal.
24 Pamplona. Zentral Kafé Teatro.
25 Burgos. Sala El Hangar.


8 Barcelona. Razzmatazz 1.
15 Donosti. Teatro Victoria Eugenia.
16 Santander. Sala Kandina.
22 Jaén. Auditorio Municipal Alameda.
23 Sevilla. Cartuja Conciertos.
29 Valencia. Sala Repvblicca.


4 Bilbao. Teatro Arriaga.
5 Oviedo. Espacio Estilo.
13 Londres. Electric Brixton.
19 Santiago de Compostela. Palacio de Congresos.
27 Segovia. Aparcamiento del Regimiento.


4 Madrid Barclaycard Center.

José Miguel Conejo Torres better known by his artistic name Leiva (born in Madrid, April 28, 1980), is a Spanish singer, musician and songwriter. Between 2001 and 2010 he led with Ruben Pozo the Spanish pop rock band Pereza, with which he recorded 6 albums. After the dissolution of the band, he started a solo career with two charting solo albums: Diciembre in 2012 and Pólvora in 2014.

Writer: Ignacio de Villalain Barbolla
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