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Astrid’s Tea Party - Black Swan | FESTIVALPHOTO

Astrid’s Tea Party - Black Swan


New single impact date 18th May 2015

“Astrid’s Tea Party isn’t all social niceties and delicate china… more liable to shatter teacups than serve as background music.” - Pop Matters

Astrid’s Tea Party, the Brighton based electroshock four piece have returned in style, with a decidedly darker sound in the form of their new single Black Swan. The frenzied, synth heavy affair arrives in the wake of their highly acclaimed debut single What’s In It For Me?, a track that has gained praise from fans and critics alike. Gone are the glamorous sensibilities, in its place stands Black Swan, a track that with its juddering bass lines and assertive rhythm pounds its way into your psyche.

Taking inspiration from the gothic glory of her adopted hometown of Prague, Black Swan is described by front woman Astrid as a “what goes around comes around love song for the FOMO generation,” and delves into the dark recesses of the emotional landscape… where she likes to reside.
This is a song about betrayal, with Astrid leading the attack with a power-punk attitude reminiscent of Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira, regaling us with her tale of revenge that’s evocative of something Caveand Harvey might have cooked up when they were an item.

With several festival appearances lined up across the UK this summer, and the collaboration with their friends at Central Saint Martins bearing fruit with the projected launch of a clothing line later this year, Black Swan seems a suitable metaphor, as Astrid and co are taking off, in a big and powerful way.


Writer: Rasmus Lindgren
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