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Edens curse - Live with the curse | FESTIVALPHOTO

Edens curse - Live with the curse



"Live with the curse" is a Live album that was recorded during the band's gig at the Classic Grand in Glasgow on 28th November 2014. It'sa double CD which is always good when a band does a live album - it's always frustrating when a live album is a lot shorter than the actual gig as it means they cut a lot of stuff out, whereas here you know you're getting the full show.

The sound quality is excellent - the instruments and vocals are all nice and loud and crystal clear, and there's plenty of noise from the crowd. Yes you tend to take sound quality for granted but a lot of live albums do get it wrong - either a poor mix or just not bothering to record the crowd - which tends to kill all the atmosphere and defeat the point of doing a live album.

It's a great album - Edens curse were clearly in great form on the night, so the album is an hour and forty minutes of top class melodic rock/metal. Great songs performed superbly well and in front of a great crowd - what more could you ask for from a live album?

"Live with the curse" is out now and is an album I have no hesitation in recommending.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1. Symphony of Sin
2. Break the Silence
3. Masquerade Ball
4. Black Widow
5. Trinity
6. Fly Away
7. Just Like Judas
8. Fallen from Grace
9. Jerusalem Sleeps
10. Guitar Solo
11. Time to Breathe

Disc 2:

1. Rock Bottom
2. Devil in Disguise
3. Wings to Fly
4. No Holy Man
5. Unbreakable
6. Judgement Day
7. Band Introductions
8. Evil and Divine
9. Angels and Demons

Writer: Anthony May
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