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Inti Rowland - 17th Century Japanese aviary | FESTIVALPHOTO

Inti Rowland - 17th Century Japanese aviary



Inti Rowland was born in Chile but these days is based in London. For this album he travelled to Scotland to record in a converted chapel in the Scottish highlands. He's previously released two EP's, but "17th Century Japanese Aviary" is his debut album. He describes the music as "Dream pop", and while I'm not sure I'd have used the word Pop to describe it, the Dream part does seem very appropriate.

At the core of the music you have him playing finger plucked guitar and singing. On songs such as "The Book From My Shelves" that is pretty much all there is most of the time, and it does sound beautiful - the soft guitar and his fantastic vocals just sound great. The music is enhanced in places by the use of other instruments such as a string quartet and this adds richness and variety to the sound. In songs such as "The Book From My Shelves" the string section isn't used much but in other songs it gets far more use.

This really is a beautiful album and one that I can't recommend highly enough - definitely well worth a listen.

"17th Century Japanese aviary" will be released on 13th April 2015

Track listing:

1. Mongolian hunters
2. The ballad of the ballroom ghost
3. Summer swallows
4. 17th century Japanese aviary
5. Beaten battered but bold
6. The pendulum swings for the joy of it
7. The golden lark
8. Eyes of a starling
9. The book from my shelves
10. It is time
11. Masks of winter
12. A floating white phantom

Writer: Anthony May
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